Sollars Home is dedicated to extending the lifespan of one of your most valuable assets: your home. Based in Silicon Valley, we are proud to offer exceptionally safe concrete buildings that are highly resistant to natural disasters. Our unique forming system utilizes concrete in place of traditional wood framing. If you would like to learn more about Sollars Home, please watch our videos below! Or simply check out one of our additional pages.



Our revolutionary Multi-Flex Forming system allows us to cast our buildings from concrete; the floor, walls, and roof are all poured at your site on the same day. This technology has limitless applications! It can be used to monolithically cast a basement, guest house, garage (or any other structure you can envision), entirely out of concrete.

Cost Effective

A Sollars Shell™ is “manufactured at your site”. We spend more time up front on blueprints and assembly drawings which allows us to complete projects faster and at a higher level of quality. Our concrete shells are built to stand the test of time and will look stunning for years to come with minimal upkeep. Our prices are comprable to wood framing, but with much more value added.

Safe and Tranquil

A Sollars Shell™ keeps occupants and assets safe. The unyielding power of mother nature has met its match! Our concrete shells are highly resistant to earthquakes, fire, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Should natural disaster strike, these buildings are likely to suffer cosmetic damage only. A Sollars Shell™ creates tranquil space. The sheer mass of the concrete is able to block out most external noise and keep the internal temperature constant.

Energy efficient

A Sollars Shell™ delivers the kind of energy savings you would expect from an advanced technology. The thermal mass of the concrete exoskeleton combined with the increased insulation that is standard in a Sollars Shell™ serves to stabilize the interior temperature on even the hottest days. This unique combination works equally well in the winter and results in year-round energy savings that you can see in your utility bills. When paired with solar energy, a Sollars Shell™ has the potential to eliminate utility bills altogether.

Designs without limits

With Multi-Flex Forming Technology, we are able to build a Sollars Shell™ from almost any design that can be drawn on a piece of paper. A basement is an option for all Sollars Shells™ and we can easily handle varying roof pitches, wall heights, wall widths, and window/door sizes and locations. Special design items like 45 degree angles, fireplaces, bay windows, elevators, and decks do not pose a problem either. Even complex roof configurations and round sections can be constructed! If you can envision it, we can build it!

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Mission Statement

We exist to design and build concrete structures and finish them into sustainable homes that are like no other.

  • The Sollars Shell is a revolutionary new product of Sollars Construction Inc dba Sollars Home (CSLB Lic#832408). The Sollars Shell uses a concrete superstructure to better deal with the forces of nature, but includes a non structural wood interior such that the inside looks and feels like a traditional home, only better!
  • The Sollars Shell is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. A Sollars Shell is safer, quieter, and more sustainable than a wood frame structure, but costs about the same and is completed more rapidly.
  • Talk to your architect about building your next project from concrete instead of wood and reap the benefits a Sollars Shell offers. Or, talk to us direcly and let us design, engineer, and build a custom Sollars Shell for your site.

Manage your budget more accurately

Shell Packages

  • Sollars Shells are offered at 4 levels of completion
    • Base Shell: concrete shell with wood interior
    • Dry Shell: Base Shell with finished, watertight exterior
    • Warm Shell: insulated Dry Shell with heat, lights, and drywall
    • Finished Shell: complete turnkey structure ready to be occupied
  • Once the Shell has been cast, the structural requirements for the project have been satisfied. You can choose to take over and complete the project yourself to save money. Or, we are happy to finish the shell and hand you the keys!
  • We offer discounts on our Shell products when they are combined with a basement, pool, hardscape, or additional retaining walls. All of our Shells are offered with per square foot pricing so that you can manage your budget more accurately. Our Shell projects don’t tend to have any surprise costs that blow up your budget.

See, touch, and feel a Sollars Shell

Shell Projects

  • Sollars Home has three shell projects that you can come see for yourself!
  • Over the summer, we completed a 1,500 Square Foot Dry Shell that will serve as a luxury guest house. Equipped with a bocce ball court on the roof, stunning views of the Hillsborough canyon, and walls of glass, we cannot wait for this project to be move in ready! This will be considered a “Finished Shell” once the structure is ready to be occupied.
  • We were contracted to cast a Dry Shell (see pictures on right) that is in the final stages of being completed by the General Contractor. This shell was part of a hydrogen fueling station project in the Woodside hills.
  • Sollars Home also has a small scale “Finished Shell” project at its headquarters in San Jose. This shell includes a masonry wainscoting, stained redwood trim, and travertine tile. It nicely demonstrates the efficacy of a Sollars Shell, and would be perfect example of a pool house.

Hayward Lumber Project in Redwood City

70,000SF of concrete, 6,000SF of asphalt, 4,000SF of pavers in 12 weeks.

Demolition of 2 acre site, utility trenching, main drainage system with bio-swale, 3500 tons of base rock, and 1800CY of concrete.

We get your project off the ground quickly

Concrete Experts

  • At Sollars Home, we are concrete experts. We do many types of residential and commercial foundation and flatwork projects including slabs, basements, retaining walls, and hillside work.
  • We own heavy equipment and are experts in earthmoving as well. We also do utility trenching, drainage, pier drilling, waterproofing, and backfill to support the installation of our concrete. We can be especially cost effective when we are the first contractor on the job and get you "out of the ground".
  • We do decorative concrete, pavers, natural stone, and masonry work as well. If you need hardscape installed as part of your project, in any shape or form, we are the company to call.
  • We hold the Class A and Class B contractors license classifications which means that we have the capability and experience to handle your project, large or small.

Same friendly faces day in and day out

Buying Experience

  • Sollars Home is family owned and operated. We bring new technology to your project, while maintaining old school craftsmanship and an authentic, deeply personal experience.
  • We simulate the construction of every shell and create a project flow chart and list of items that are required to construct the shell. We use the simulation data to prefabricate the wood interior and other sections of the project.
  • We start by grading and excavating to install the foundation like in a standard project. But instead of just casting the foundation, we cast the entire house to really jumpstart the project!
  • We complete 70% of a Sollars Shell in house, so you always see the same friendly faces day in and day out.

Avoid unexpected charges

How We Do Business

  • We plan ahead to avoid unexpected charges. Sometimes as a contractor we have to be the messenger of bad news, but we try hard never to surprise people.
  • We simulate the construction of your home to reduce costs, provide value engineering, and reduce the uncertainty in the project. We then use a combination of prefabrication and on-site construction to optimize the completion schedule.
  • Milestone based payments.
  • 10 year warranty with a free annual inspection.





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We service the cities within about a 50 mile radius of our offices in San Jose, California.



Don Sollars


When I entered the construction industry after careers as a microprocessor architect and manufacturing engineer, I was shocked at the lack of technological innovation. Having established a successful construction business, we now offer a superior new structure and an advanced building process centered around crafting a home from concrete at the site. We will lead a new wave in housing that sees concrete displace wood as a more sustainable global housing option in a world that is marked by climate change and more frequent, more severe, natural threats.

A Sollars Home™ is built using a higher level of technology than a plain old wooden home, and it is our mission to be THE technology leader in residential construction. But we extend our leadership beyond the building of your home to include the entire buying experience. We take the mystery out of building and put you, the customer, in control of the process right from the start by providing tools that show you exactly what you will get and exactly what it will cost.

With our revolutionary Multi-Flex Formwork™, we can produce ANY home from concrete. So you can have a plain old wooden home or you can have an identical home built from concrete at the same or less cost, and in half the time. Why would you want one? Didn’t your mother ever tell you the story about the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf...

Sollars Home™



The Sollars Home™ is a new product and company launched by its parent company, Sollars Construction, Inc., which has been doing custom concrete projects in the Silicon Valley for over 14 years. Sollars Home™ is a privately held company with its headquarters at 1701 Rogers Avenue, Suite 40, San Jose, CA.


Don Sollars



Erika Sollars

Director of Operations


Vincent Rodriguez

Senior Welder & Fabricator


Kevin Sollars

Project Manager


John Sollars

Project Manager


Sollars Home™ truly respects the unyielding power of Mother Nature. Therefore, we have engineered extremely safe buildings that are resistant against the forces of nature (earthquakes, fire, flood, wind, mold, termites, and more). Concrete is a material proven to stand the test of time and we are proud to be a company committed to improving the health of our planet through sustainable practices.

Sollars Home is a proud supporter of the National Forest Foundation’s tree planting program. We donate $1.00 for every cubic yard of concrete that we pour into a Sollars Shell. This support enables the NFF to plant trees to offset the carbon footprint for our buildings. As these trees grow, they will help sequester carbon and will make the planet healthier.

Don Sollars has two patents on this technology, with multiple additional patents pending. We hold the Class A and Class B contractors license classifications which means that we have the capability and experience to handle your project. Sollars Home operates at a higher level of technology than other builders. We have a “Sollars Home App” that we use to handle material ordering, scheduling, and other project management needs.


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