We can work as the structural subcontractor to produce the building’s “shell”. The rough electrical & plumbing trades are included, but we can also do framing, roofing, stucco, insulation, & windows/exterior doors to get you to the equivalent of a “rough framing” inspection.


For many builders, a Sollars Home “Shell” product can be an excellent choice for completing the superstructure. We can be the first subcontractor on the jobsite and can get you all the way to the equivalent of “rough frame” inspection. Our services can cease when the casting has been completed, or we can also include the interior walls, roofing, windows/doors, and stucco such that you are ready for drywall sooner. In many projects, we can be at this point in 6 to 8 weeks.

A Sollars Home Shell is an especially viable option for commercial and multi-family projects where the ability to use concrete walls to meet fire code is especially attractive and time saving.

If you have a project with a main structure and one or more small outbuildings, talk to us about using one of our 30 or so pre-designed and engineered buildings for these structures. We can work with you to use a design directly, or we can modify one of the designs as required, including providing the structural engineering by a licensed structural engineer.

Other types of projects we do:

  • Basements and other foundations
  • Grading, excavating, and site work
  • Retaining wall structures
  • Large commercial flatwork projects

Don Circle

Don Sollars

CEO & Founder

Sollars Home truly respects the unyielding power of Mother Nature. Therefore, we have engineered extremely safe buildings that are resistant against the forces of nature (earthquakes, fire, flood, wind, mold, termites, and more).

Concrete is a material proven to stand the test of time and we are proud to be a company committed to improving the health of our planet through sustainable practices.