Over 100 years ago, Edison envisioned a world of concrete houses with concrete furniture.

Reviving a Dead and Buried Idea

Over 100 years ago, Edison envisioned a world of concrete houses with concrete furniture.

  • The inventor’s rationale was apparently civic-minded, as he pointed out that the house was “practically indestructible and perfectly sanitary,” as well as being cheap enough to be available to buyers who would otherwise be unable to afford a house of such size and quality.
  • In keeping with the early 20th century’s growing infatuation with efficiency, the concrete house could be mass-produced. Edison wrote in the patent’s descriptive section that the first step in making a series of concrete houses would be to construct a mold—“a complete double-wall house,” constructed of cast iron bolted together. After the process of pouring a house was finished, the mold could be “taken to pieces and removed and used repeatedly for the construction of an indefinite number of houses.”

We gave new life to Edison’s vision and manipulated it to actually work. Here’s how we address the deficiencies in Edison’s approach.

  • Leakage
    • Our monolithic casting leaves no joints- where most leaks occur
    • We include a waterproofing compound in our concrete as a standard practice
    • Our interior drainage system traps any water that manages to make it through the concrete exoskeleton and routes the water to the sewer before it even touches the interior wood frame
  • Molds were too expensive and could produce only one type of building
    • Our Multi-Flex Forming technology offers unlimited design capability and is reasonable in cost to produce
  • Our unique process allows us the ability to finish out a Sollars Home normally
    • The concrete exoskeleton enables the “shell” of the structure to be isolated from how it is finished
Concrete home by Edisona

Don Circle

Don Sollars

CEO & Founder

Sollars Home truly respects the unyielding power of Mother Nature. Therefore, we have engineered extremely safe buildings that are resistant against the forces of nature (earthquakes, fire, flood, wind, mold, termites, and more).

Concrete is a material proven to stand the test of time and we are proud to be a company committed to improving the health of our planet through sustainable practices.