Our revolutionary technology allows us to cast our buildings from concrete--with floor, walls, and roof all poured at your site on the same day.

  1. FEATURE: One-piece reinforced concrete exoskeleton

    1. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ possesses the strength of a commercial building. Walls of windows, unsupported patios, and large unsupported spans can be engineered into the structure at dramatically less cost than a plain old wooden home (POWH).
    2. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ will retain the earth naturally due to its inherent strength. This can significantly reduce the cost for buildings that must be built into a hillside or mountain.
    3. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ is dramatically more earthquake, flood, and tornado resistant than a POWH.
    4. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ is highly termite and mold resistant
    5. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ is more resistant to wildfires
  2. FEATURE: Sollars Home™ offers a catalog of new home products or we offer custom designs done by a licensed architect

    1. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ can be built to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating client
    2. Benefit: The homeowner can tailor a model from our design library to his/her needs or start with a blank sheet of paper and design a custom home that is exactly suited to the site and requirements
  3. FEATURE: Our catalog of new homes offer bold, innovative designs while maintaining design flexibility

    1. Benefit: The purchase of a pre-designed model minimizes overall project costs for a beautiful new home
    2. Benefit: The homeowner can customize a Sollars Home™ to his particular site yet achieve a cost structure that is consistent with a pre-designed model
    3. Benefit: Our constantly increasing library of new home models can provide the spark for new ideas
  4. FEATURE: Concrete shell with non-structural wooden interior

    1. Benefit: The concrete shell of a Sollars Home™ is inherently water resistant making it possible to offer cost-effective indoor/outdoor spaces that are popular in the bay area
    2. Benefit: The thermal mass of a Sollars Home™ keeps the building at a relatively constant temperature independent from the external temperature
    3. Benefit: The concrete shell of a Sollars Home™ blocks external noises making a Sollars Home™ much quieter than a POWH
    4. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ has a permanence that is not possible in a POWH. A Sollars Home™ will not rot and will look good for decades with only minor maintenance. The lifespan of a Sollars Home™ is over 1000 years
    5. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ maintains the “warmth” of a wood house with all of its traditional finishings and capabilities such as being able to hang pictures on the walls.
    6. Benefit: The wood frame interior makes it possible for a Sollars Home™ to be finished out using traditional means and methods that are standard in the industry
  5. FEATURE: Multi-Flex Forming Technology™

    1. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ can be constructed in about half the time of a comparable wooden home because the Multi-Flex Forming Technology™ that is employed reduces the amount of work and number of steps that are required to produce a given structure
    2. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ is built to tighter overall tolerances than a POWH
  6. FEATURE: A Sollars Home™ can be constructed using a design/build business model

    1. Benefit: The purchase of a Sollars Home from our catalog offers a streamlined process that is greatly simplified as compared to building a traditional home.
    2. Benifit: The homeowner is provided with a single point of contact throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. This offers the pinnacle of transparency, accountability, and responsibility for a simpler, lower stress project.
    3. Benefit: Exact costs for individual design options can be provided during the design phase of the project. This enables the homeowner to do precise budgeting and avoid “sticker shock” surprises and budget overruns that are common in construction projects.
  7. FEATURE: Insulated well beyond that required by code

    1. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ has insulation values as high as R50. When combined with the thermal mass of its concrete shell, the result is decreased utility bills and increased comfort
  8. FEATURE: Electronic systems control

    1. Benefit: A Sollars Home™ can be controlled 24/7 via a smart phone or via your computer at the office
Don Circle

Don Sollars

CEO & Founder

Sollars Home truly respects the unyielding power of Mother Nature. Therefore, we have engineered extremely safe buildings that are resistant against the forces of nature (earthquakes, fire, flood, wind, mold, termites, and more).

Concrete is a material proven to stand the test of time and we are proud to be a company committed to improving the health of our planet through sustainable practices.